Kinesiology uses muscle testing to help identify why you feel the way you do (tired, stressed, suffer digestive problems, back pain), and then balance the body by fixing problems.

Kinesiology can help with more than 80% of all the health problems that most people put up with, either because it isn’t bad enough to go to the doctor, or because they have sought help but received no relief.

Almost everyone you know suffers from some sort of discomfort as a result of stress. As many as 50% of people suffer from back ache at one time or another, and almost everyone gets colds or the flu. Just feeling unwell, or a bit tired, seems almost to be the norm.

It need not be! Kinesiology can help you balance your body’s systems, and enjoy a level of health and well-being you may not have experienced since you were a child.

Our modern day health problems can find their cause from our lifestyle. The causes of our present distresses are mainly due to our busy lives, our eating habits and our mostly sedentary lifestyle.

Kinesiologists take a holistic approach – they treat the whole person (mind, body, bio-chemistry and energy), not just parts. This highlights the unique position of Kinesiologists, who specialise in dealing with the whole person.

The mental, chemical, physical, energetic, and environmental are examined, and dealt with simultaneously at each session. Clients who attend ASK practitioners are invited to develop and accept more personal responsibility for their own health, rather than being only passively “treated”.

Kinesiologists use the response of muscles when gently tested to find imbalances which blocks optimum function. If ignored, these imbalances may cause unwanted compensations, and ultimately deterioration in health and well-being. Kinesiologists do not treat disease or medical conditions.

Kinesiology is the only method of approaching the body that is completely receptor driven.

This means that the practitioner relies completely on feedback from the receptors in the client’s body. Muscle testing enables investigation without intrusion. Access to the “bio-computers”, which run bodily functions, gives insight into the underlying causes and the solutions to many health problems.

Any imbalances the Kinesiologist can detect are usually put right straightaway using a combination of therapeutic reflex massage, nutritional supplements, and many powerful techniques to relieve mental/emotional stresses. Clients usually experience a significant improvement in most common health problems on the first visit.

Used in a preventive manner, imbalances can be detected before becoming major problems.

  • Digestive upsets (food intolerances, irritable bowel).
  • Difficulties with reading and writing.
  • Dispelling fears and phobias.
  • Back, joint and neck pain.In short, it takes the guesswork out of healthcare.

Muscle testing is used to identify priority imbalances and to locate sub-clinical imbalances before pathological conditions occur which restores natural balance of the body facilitates natural healing.

If you are concerned about a health problem, you should always consult your doctor to rule out a more serious health condition. Once ruled out, a visit to your local Kinesiologist is recommended.

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