Clientele Demographic: Children, Adolescents and Adults
Accrediting Body: IACAT
Virtual Availability: Yes
No. of Sessions: Varies
Cost: Varies
Call, Text or Whatsapp: 0860772295
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Facebook: @arttherapywithjoanne

Joanne O’Dwyer

Art Psychotherapist

Area of Expertise:

Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD, ADHD, and intellectual disability, Anxiety, Depression, Grief/Loss, Sexual Identity, Self Esteem, Trauma

Joanne O’ Dwyer

Art Psychotherapist

Joanne is leading Art Psychotherapist and Creative Director at The Dancing Soul Therapy Centre, Athlone where she supports people of all ages and abilities to find healing through the arts in her trauma-informed and Neuroaffirming private practice.
Joanne’s approach draws from somatic/ body-based practices with the arts incorporating music, movement, embodied art making and play in to a very much person/child centered approach.