Clientele Demographic: Over 18
Accrediting Body: BAHCP, RGN
Virtual Availability: Please Enquire
No. of Sessions: Varies
Cost: Fee €60 per session
Call, Text or Whatsapp: 087-2986090
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Martina Slowey

Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Area of Expertise:

Anxiety, Depression, Grief/Loss, Trauma, Self Esteem

My journey started as a nurse working in trauma for over twenty years. I have witnessed first- hand how trauma can show up in the body and how it effects people differently in many different ways and that everybody is not the same. My passion is to support you the client to develop insight into the underlying patterns and dynamics which can influence feelings, decisions and behaviours. I support clients to find and create meaning for themselves and their experiences in the therapeutic process. I trust that through the therapeutic relationship each client can find a safe, trusting environment in which they can explore both on a conscious and unconscious level of how they feel and reflect on their life experiences. I believe in each client’s ability to fulfil their potential, their own innate wisdom and ability to heal themselves from within to come to a greater awareness of themselves.

I believe we all have the capacity to experience more wellbeing and joy and to live into our most authentic and rewarding life. I feel therapy is for every human being, no matter how small or how challenging your issues seem. The rewards of self- discovery, healing, growth and transformation are life changing. It just takes one brave step and a longing to reconnect to heal and to feel truly alive.

My compassionate holistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy honours you as a whole person and works with wherever you are right now to help you to reconnect to your authenticity and self. Also to integrate and heal wounded or disowned aspects of yourself and to ultimately flourish as the vibrant, alive and completely unique human being that you are.

I will draw on a range of therapeutic processes and holistic modalities tailored to ones needs and preferences.