Clientele Demographic: Over 18
Accrediting Body: European Association of Professional Hypnotherapists
Virtual Availability: Yes
No. of Sessions: Smoke Cessation: 2 sessions. Number of sessions for other presenting topics may vary.
Cost: Smoke Cessation: €280 in total. Weight control, Phobias, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Self-Esteem, Trauma and Depression: €60-€80 per session.
Call, Text or Whatsapp: 087 661 4394
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Teresa Bolger

Area of Expertise:

Smoke Cessation /Anxiety Relief / Phobias /Weight Control

Whether someone comes to me to stop smoking, to overcome life-long anxiety or to lose excess weight that has been bothering them I am always passionate in my endeavours to assist them achieve their goals. I love to see people overcome their issue and thrive!