Clientele Demographic: Adults (over 18)
Accrediting Body: IACP
Virtual Availability: Online Zoom, Whatsapp and Skype Availability
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Cost: €70
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Valerie Dolan

Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Area of Expertise:

Models of change in moving beyond Anxiety, grief, Depression, feeling overwhelmed, relationship challenges, Impact of Complex Trauma, Managing challenges of chronic illness.

My name is Valerie and I have been passionate about the mind body connection through self-development, inner child work and heart centered transformation for over 30 years.  My intention is about creating a safe holding space for you to explore and get to know yourself better.  My work is fully focused on your needs and helping you to address any concerns that are negatively impacting your life.  When we can assign meaning to why we think, sense, perceive, behave and feel the way we do, then we can learn to unravel entanglements, begin to experience clarity, self-compassion internally and from that place start to live from our authentic self and be who you are meant to be in the world.

I work with clients one to one in person or online via web based video conferencing software.

Having experienced years of struggling with various health challenges,  and complex trauma from early childhood years I create a space in counselling of support self-acceptance and non judgement.  This in turn allows me to be unconditional and uncompromising for my own needs and my clients needs of health and happiness.  Working with clients no matter what the issue or challenge is, will always return us to the level of Love we have for ourselves.  By understanding what it is to feel safe to meet within, the present impact and dysregulation of past guilt, shame, overwhelm, sadness, grief, confusion holding our traumas in place we move into a space of self-love, acceptance and compassion and from there we can grow, create and expand to more loving version of ourselves.

As humans we thrive when we feel we belong, are a part of, or fit in.  Due to some childhood learned patterns we adapted to feel safe, we may find ourselves in present day situations responding in limited ways of anxiety, withdrawal, anger, frustration, fear, isolation, depression, terror or hurt.  When a light is shone on these patterns allowing an upgrade to the information we stored in our mind and body originally, we begin to feel a sense relief and free from much of the internal confusion, conflict and contradictions.  In working with clients I am drawn to a blended and integrative approach using Psychodynamics, Gestalt, Internal Family Systems, Polyvagal, Somatic Experiencing and Sensimotor trauma work.  I also introduce movement, mindfulness/meditation, breath and creativity.

If you feel drawn to work with me I sincerely welcome the opportunity.  Feel free to connect with me in the Dancing Soul, Athlone or online.  You can also whatsapp me on 08764589798 or reach me at email: