Clientele Demographic: Over 18s
Virtual Availability: No
No. of Sessions: Varies
Cost: Varies on treatment required
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Kieran McNally

Area of Expertise:

Pain and Movement Specialist

Kieran is a passionate and experienced therapist who combines neurology, movement and education to treat all types of pain and movement problems.

Kieran’s goal is to help people in their 30’s, 40’s 50’s and 60’s get out of pain without the use of expensive medications and also staying out of the doctor’s office.

Pain can really interfere with your life so it is his passion to help active people keep their independence and avoid you from missing out on the things that give meaning to your life. From playing with your kids to being on the golf course to a good night’s sleep.

Kieran’s belief is that each individuals ‘story’ and pain is unique and so he takes a personal and specific approach in treating each client.

Kieran has worked with leading therapist Gary Ward and is a qualified Anatomy in Motion therapist. He is one of the few therapists in the world to have completed P-DTR training with Dr. Jose Palomar. He is a sports enthusiast and has worked with athletes of all levels.

His career is continually evolving so as to provide the most cutting edge treatment and it is his innovative approach that sets him apart from other therapists.